Advantage of Story Reply Automation vs Link Stickers

LinkDM’s Story Reply automation allows you to access a range of functionality that isn’t possible when using Instagram’s native Link Stickers.

Story reply automation helps reduce the time it takes when publishing story content by allowing you to not have to attach the link sticker to every story. Once you have setup Story Replies you can use the same trigger keyword for all your stories because all future stories are automatically tagged with the same keyword triggers.

Add a caption to your story so fans know what to comment. For example you could mention ‘Comment SHOP to get the link’. Once the keyword is detected in the users story comment a DM is automatically sent to the user.

Some of our users have asked what are the advantages of story replies vs using story link stickers, here are a few reasons.

Less Time on Community Management

Using our Story Reply automation tool can help brands spend less time with community management. Instead of manually responding to each message the Story Reply tool can save you time by automatically replying to all story comments they include the set keyword triggers. This way, you can focus your time on other tasks such as content planning and scheduling.

For example, If you wanted your fans to enter a competition, you could set a keyword trigger as Enter or ❤️, and when this keyword is detected in the users message you could instantly send them the URL to the competition entry form and T&Cs. This could potentially lead to thousands of messages that you don’t have to touch, saving you (or the intern) hours!


Add personalisation to the auto message by dynamically including the users name.


One of the biggest disadvantages with Link Stickers is that once the story has ended the link vanishes. With our Story Reply tool the link will always be available for your audience to access in their inbox. Think of this as a way for a user to save links to your articles or products and easily access them at a later time.


Story Reply tool is always on. You don’t have to keep adding links every time you post a story.

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