Coming Soon: Push Notification Subscriber Lists

Instagram is set to launch a new feature to developers called Recurring Notifications at some point in Q2 2023. LinkDM is ready to roll this out as soon as Meta makes this available to the public.

Send tailored and timely messages that drive action: Businesses can create personalized messages about their chosen topic, for example a shoe store can notify customers when their size is back in stock, so messages resonate more effectively and meet their business goals:

  • Discovery: Product discovery recommendations, brand inspiration content, newsletters
  • Consideration: Product alerts, behind-the-scenes news, pre-sale alerts, recommendations based on past purchases
  • Conversion: Discount codes, promotional content, loyalty rewards, partner offers
  • Engagement: Tips, community stories, cross-sells, product service reminders
    Message across the customer journey:

Messages can be sent daily, weekly or monthly so businesses can reach customers at any moment in their journey.

Fill out the form below to be notified as soon as we implement this feature into LinkDM.

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