How to Setup Conditional Logic in LinkDM

LinkDM’s conditional logic feature is a powerful addition to the already impressive marketing platform. With this feature, users can create custom automated DMs that are triggered based on a set of conditions. This opens up a world of possibilities for engaging with followers in a more personalized way.

One of the main benefits of the conditional logic feature is the ability to create interactive experiences that keep followers engaged. For example, by setting up a quiz or riddle that followers can participate in via comments, LinkDM users can then send a personalised DM to those who answered correctly. This not only rewards followers who engage with your content, but it also creates a sense of community around your brand.

Another way to use the conditional logic feature is by setting up a competition entry mechanism. By requiring followers to answer a question correctly in order to receive a link to enter a giveaway, users can not only generate engagement and excitement but also ensure that those entering the competition are genuinely interested in the product or service being offered.

How to Setup

When adding a link to a Post, Story or Reel you can edit specific keyword triggers that will only send them DM if the users comment contains the trigger keyword.

  1. Click on a Post, Reel or Story to add a Link
  2. Navigate to the Triggers sub-menu
  3. In the keyword in the Keyword Triggers section
  4. Click [Save]

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