Convert UGC into 5-Star Reviews

Convert UGC (User Generated Content) like Instagram stories from restaurant customers into 5-star reviews with LinkDM. It takes less than 2 minutes to setup, see instructions below.


1. Create your free account at

2. Setup a Story Mention auto-reply

3. Compose a message to send using the button template.

4. Add CTA buttons linking to the platforms that you want to increase your reviews (Example; Google Maps, Tripadvisor & Yelp)

5. Recommended: Add a ‘1 Hour delay’ so the message will be sent after they leave the restaurant and not as soon as they post the story.

6. Recommended: Enable [Send once per user/Per 24 hours] so users don’t receive multiple messages if they post more than 1 story mentioning the brand.

📊 Log into the dashboard to monitor Sends, Clicks and CTRs.

🚀 Create your free account at

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