Phase 3: Final Rollout!

Instagram has just announced that Instagram Automation is now available to all Business accounts on Instagram.

While in Phase 2 there was a follower count restriction which required accounts to have between 1k – 100k followers. Accounts with more or less than this weren’t eligible to use automation on Instagram.

As of today (Aug 17th, 2021) this rule has been lifted and now all business accounts are able to use Instagram Automation on their profiles.

Messenger API for Instagram opened up to all developers in June, with an opportunity to build for IG business accounts with follower counts between 10k-100k. Now, developers can add Instagram messaging into their apps and build Instagram messaging experiences for all businesses on Instagram.

โ€“ Messenger Platform Changelog, Aug 16th 2021

Automation with LinkDM can be used to:

  1. Auto-Reply to comments on a post via a private DM
  2. Auto-Reply to story comments
  3. Auto Respond to story @mentions
  4. Add Conversation Starters in the Inbox

More great features to come, get started with LinkDM today and be one of the first in the world to use our easy, Instagram-approved Business Automation tools!

Visit to create your free account.

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