Record Month at LinkDM with All-Time-High CTR of 72%!

We are thrilled to announce that LinkDM has reached a new all-time-high average CTR of 72% across all users in the month of January 2023! This is a major milestone for us and a testament to the power of our platform in driving engagement and conversions for businesses and influencers on Instagram.

Why This Matters: Industry-Leading CTR on Instagram

According to our research, the average CTR on ‘link-in-bio’ links is between 10-20%, and the industry average CTR on Instagram Advertising is only 0.57%. These numbers highlight the challenges that businesses and influencers face in driving traffic and conversions from Instagram. With LinkDM, however, you can bypass these challenges and boost your CTR to new heights, unlocking the full potential of your Instagram presence.

Get Started with LinkDM Today

If you haven’t used LinkDM yet, now is the time to sign up and experience the difference. Our platform is free to use, and it offers an array of powerful features that help you get more organic traffic to your website, e-comm store or blog. So don’t wait, sign up today and start experiencing the benefits of LinkDM!

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