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No paid plans, no credit cards, no fees, no usage limits.

It's completely free to use!

Since Instagram is owned by Facebook in order to access our Instagram tools you need to login with your Facebook account.

Email with any bugs or glitches you encounter.

We have the ability to enable a message on each post to only be sent "once per user per post" so by default you will only be able to send 1 message to each user that comments on your post, If they comment multiple times they will still only receive 1 message. 


Instagram allows for brands to send up to 200 messages per hour per user. If this threshold is met all that will happen is that the specific user won't receive any further messages in that 60 minute window after the 200th message. The rate limit resets after 60 minutes.


Our platform by design does not allow brands to achieve anything remotely close to this.


More information can be found here.


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