@MsGoldgirl Digital Creator

I love this tool! I tried a few competitors first and they had a very steep learning curve. LinkDM was so much easier to understand. In the month that I've started using it, I've doubled my earnings through Instagram affiliate marketing.

@Kimberlypulito Digital Marketer

I love that LinkDM removes the “link in bio” barrier by allowing my followers to receive things from me right in their DMs after leaving a comment!

@thestyledbrunette Digital Creator

It’s very user friendly and the support has been so helpful with questions! It’s tremendously helped me with link requests and my instagram page!

    @zee_styledit Digital Creator

    I love the convenience of sending direct links in real-time without any issues!

    @monicsutter Digital Creator

    Easy to use and great customer service!

    @adelinaverse Creator

    It’s so easy to use and anything that makes my work more efficient is a win for me!

      @AshleyBehrends Blogger

      Customer service has been top tier and I’ve never felt alone in any problems I’ve had even on weekends. This is the main reason I didn’t switch platforms after a couple issues in a row. I even tell other blogger friends about my good customer service experience as a bonus for using LinkDM

      @thelikesofyouagency Marketing Agency

      We love the way we are able to take a potential lead from a IG feed via a comment and into an email funnel.

      [Hidden] Cosmetics/Skincare

      We used LinkDM for a product launch and it was great to be able to set up an automation to our unique link via DM.