LinkDM is a specialised, free Instagram inbox tool that is designed to automatically reply to Instagram Reel, Post, and Story comments with a DM. In contrast, MobileMonkey is an OmniChat platform that enables businesses to connect with customers across multiple channels.

While both platforms offer Instagram DM Automation features, LinkDM is a better alternative for creators who want to streamline their Instagram inbox management. This is because LinkDM is a specialised tool that is focused solely on Instagram, whereas MobileMonkey offers a range of features that may not be relevant for creators who primarily use Instagram as their main platform.

LinkDM’s focus on Instagram Reels, Post & Story ‘Comment for DM’ functionality means that it provides more targeted features for creators who want to automate their responses on this platform. This includes the ability to set up customised DM responses to comments, filter out unwanted comments by adding exclude keywords and track engagement metrics. These features are designed specifically for creators who want to increase their affiliate web traffic and revenue.

In addition, LinkDM is completely free, which can be a major advantage for creators who may not have the budget for expensive automation tools. MobileMonkey, on the other hand, has a limited free tier and is a paid platform that may not be cost-effective for creators who only need Instagram automation services.

Overall, LinkDM is a better alternative to MobileMonkey for creators who want to simply. automatically DM anyone that comments on their Instagram Reels, Stories and Posts. With its specialised focus on Instagram, customised response features, and cost-effectiveness, LinkDM provides a more targeted and effective solution for creators looking to save time, engage with their audience, and grow their following on Instagram.

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