March 18, 2022

How Influencers use LinkDM

Managing an Instagram account can be demanding, luckily free tools like LinkDM can help streamline some of the daily processes giving you breathing room to work on other tasks.

In this article we explain a few ways that LinkDM can help influencers get more interactions and sales out of Instagram.

Convert your audience using Story Reply

Auto respond to anyone that replies to your stories using LinkDM's Story Reply tool. Customise the trigger type and compose the message that is sent. Send a message containing an affiliate link, ebook landing page or newsletter signup.

Setup Inbox Conversation Starters

Add conversation starters to your Instagram accounts Inbox so that when new users go to send you a DM they will instead see up to 4 pre-defined questions or items that can help guide them to the right place. You might use conversation starters to display your most popular FAQs or recent blog posts. You could also use them to display any affiliate marketing products you might be trying to sell.

Encourage your audience to use Story Mentions

Run an engaging and beneficial giveaway on your instagram by encouraging your fans to share your newsfeed post and @mention your account in their story. Previously a popular giveaway format run via Instagram Story entails the following procedure: 'Re-post this to your story and follow us to enter'.

However with LinkDM you can x10 the return by using this new style "Re-post this to your story and tag us to enter". By doing this you can automatically reply to anyone that @mentions your brand and send them the URL to an entry form, you can also display the T&Cs instead of posting a redundant T&Cs URL in the comments which isn't clickable.

As a bonus you can add a time delay so the user has to wait 5-10 minutes before they receive the auto message that contains the entry URL. The benefit is that the user doesn't delete the post from their story as soon as the entry link is automatically sent, this way you can ensure the post was visible for the specific period of time before they receive the link.

Here are some ways different types of influencers use LinkDM to achieve more of their desired goal:

  • Travel Influencers: Auto send a DM to anyone that comments on any of your travel pictures with a link to the Vlog on YouTube.
  • Fashion Influencers: Auto send your affiliate link to any fan that comments on your post or story. This can be customised on a per post and story basis. Send a carousel of up to 10 slides if you want to feature more than 1 item.
  • Beauty Influencers: Auto send links to your makeup tutorials on YouTube or send a carousel of products or offers you might be paid to promote.
  • Fitness Influencers: Auto reply to any story or post comments with a link to your fitness program, subscription or ebook to increase sales.
  • Photographer Influencers: Send a link to anyone that comments on your post with a link to your preset filter pack to increase awareness and sales. Or you might send an affiliate link to products that you use and recommend to your fans.

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