September 2, 2021

New Feature: Inbox Conversation Starters

You can now set up conversation starters that users will see when they visit your Instagram Inbox for the first time. When a user clicks on any conversation starters you can automatically send them a Message, Button template, Video or Image.

Conversation Starter requirements:

  • You can add up to 4 starters
  • Each starter can be up to 80 characters long (including spaces)
  • You can use emojis to make the CTA stand out

Use Cases:

  • E-Commerce / Catalogue: Add a [View Latest Collection] conversation starter that will display items from your latest collection with a CTA to visit your website
  • Store Locator: Add a [Store Locator] conversation starter that links users to your store locator
  • Support/FAQs: Add a [Have a question?] conversation starter that takes users to a carousel slider with up to 10 FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) to help reduce the load on the customer support team
  • Support/ Live Chat: Add a [Live Chat with us] conversation starter that links to your website Live Chat agent
  • Lead Gen: Add a [Make a booking] conversation starter that takes users to a signup form on your website
  • Competition Entry: Running a giveaway? Add a [Enter giveaway] conversation starter that links users to the entry form

Remember: Conversation starters are only visible to users who have not already messaged your page.

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