September 11, 2023

Longer Template Headlines

We're excited to introduce an enhancement to your LinkDM experience that aims to amplify the impact of your messages. We're pleased to bring you an extended character limit for the headline. This update opens up new possibilities for crafting more detailed and engaging messages within the button template.

In response to user feedback, we've elevated the headline character limit from 80 to an impressive 600 characters. This means you can now share your ideas, insights, and instructions more comprehensively while maintaining the button template's structured and user-friendly format. Additionally, the existing link tracking feature remains intact, enabling you to gain valuable insights into link engagement without the need for external tools.

With this update, we're confident that your messages will carry even more weight and provide the clarity you desire. As you continue to use LinkDM, take advantage of this expanded character limit to connect with your audience in a more nuanced way, while still enjoying the benefits of direct link tracking. Your messages, now both detailed and measurable, are poised to resonate more powerfully within the LinkDM ecosystem.

These changes don't affect your previously linked posts and you can also edit any previously linked post to now send with a longer headline!

Happy Linking!

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