June 20, 2023

New Feature: Next Post!

Introducing Next Post! A heavily requested feature that allows users to draft a DM in advance which will automatically be linked to their upcoming Instagram post or reel, ensuring seamless interaction without missing out on any of those fast comments!

This new feature has been added to our free tier! This means all LinkDM users can access and use 'Next Post' for free. This strategic addition reiterates LinkDM's commitment to facilitating meaningful and efficient engagement between creators and their audience.

Next Post Feature FAQs

How do I access the Next Post feature?
Log in to LinkDM and navigate to the Automations menu. From there you should see "Next Post".

How much does it cost?
It's Free! The 'Next Post' feature is apart of LinkDM's very generous free tier.

Can I schedule multiple 'Next Post' messages in advance?
Currently, you can prepare one 'Next Post' message at a time. Once your next post or reel is published, you can then draft a new message for the following one.

What happens if I post more than one Instagram post or reel before logging back into LinkDM?
The 'Next Post' feature will only apply to the first (oldest) unlinked post since you last logged into LinkDM.

Do I need to be logged in to LinkDM for my next post to be auto-linked with my prepared message?
No, you do not need to be logged in to LinkDM for your next post to be auto-linked. The 'Next Post' feature will automatically link your prepared DM to your next post or reel on Instagram.

Can I edit or delete a 'Next Post' message once I've drafted it?
Yes, you can edit or delete your drafted 'Next Post' message at any time before your next Instagram post or reel is published.

Can I edit the DM of a post linked with Next Post once it has been published?
Yes, It will appear in your list of recent posts as a normal post.

Can I use 'Next Post' for Instagram Stories?
Currently, the 'Next Post' feature is only available for Instagram posts and reels.

Can I schedule more than one post in advance with 'Next Post'?
No, 'Next Post' only allows you to schedule a single post in advance at a time.

What happens to my 'Next Post' message if I don't post anything new on Instagram?
Your 'Next Post' message will remain saved and will be linked to your next published post or reel whenever that happens. It doesn't expire.

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