May 15, 2023

Story Mention Frequency (Minor Update)

LinkDM, a leading Instagram DM tool, has rolled out an exciting new update that empowers users with greater control over their automated direct messages. Users can now customize the frequency of their DMs to anyone who @mentions them in their Instagram stories. The available options range from every 48 hours, to weekly, monthly, or even semi-annually. You can also select to send a DM just once, offering a new level of customization and user control. This update is designed with the user's needs and preferences in mind, as they are given the reins to control their DM frequency.

This awesome feature update is particularly useful for LinkDM users within the hospitality industry such as restaurants, cafes, or any business that thrives on customer feedback. If your business gets tagged in a story, LinkDM will automatically send a DM containing a message and a link, encouraging the user to leave a review on Google Maps. To prevent overwhelming regular customers who tag your business frequently, you can set the frequency to every 3-6 months or even just once. This ensures that while your business stays connected and encourages feedback, your loyal customers are not inundated with repetitive requests. LinkDM's latest update is indeed a game-changer, providing businesses a more efficient and user-friendly way to manage their Instagram interactions.

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