January 11, 2023

Tweet: Top LinkDM Feature in 2022

The most used LinkDM feature that creators used in 2022 was Post-Tag!
💡 This is a native LinkDM feature that lets you automatically send an Instagram DM to anyone that comments on your feed posts.
📣 This works with static photos, videos and now Reels!

The 3 most popular ways I saw creators use this feature:

1/ Automatically send a DM with their Linktree link to anyone that commented on their post. This was used by Artists, Video creators and Musicians the most. Some creators saw up to 80% open-rates.

2/ Automatically sending a DM with a link to the full video on YouTube when someone commented on their Reel. This was a really clever way to get more YouTube views and potentially new subscribers. 🔥

3/ Influencers often use our Post-Tag Automation feature to send a discount promocode or affiliate link when someone comments on their outfit. By sending a link they were able to track the open-rates! 👗 🏷️

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