January 5, 2024

What's New in January

In January we have a few system updates and feature upgrades! Let's take a quick look at what's new.

  1. Lightning-Fast Dashboard: We've turbocharged the dashboard for you. It now loads 5 times faster, taking only a second to appear!
  2. Comments Sent Metric: Monitor your interactions with the 'Comments Sent' metric on the dashboard chart. Easily track your engagement levels.
  3. Next Post Updates: We have fixed various bugs some users had reported with Next Post. We have also added a feature that lets users automatically apply the same Next Post content to all their future posts. You can enable this via the checkbox at the top of the Next Post feature page.
  4. Comment Auto-Reply: This feature now @mentions the user's username in your reply comment. You don't need to turn this on, it's already applied to your account.
  5. Persistent Logins: No need to log in daily. LinkDM keeps you logged in on the same browser, making access more convenient.
  6. Streamlined Inbox Automation: Avoid sending duplicate DMs when using Inbox Automation when a user might message multiple times in a row. We've added a "Send once" option to your Inbox Automation, offering more control over your automated messages.

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