October 9, 2023

☑️ Amazon Prime Deals Day Checklist

Amazon Prime Big Deal Days is almost here and our LinkDM checklist is your ticket to a successful sales spree! All the featured mentioned below are included in our free tier!

  1. Comment Auto-Reply: Increase your engagement game by automatically responding to every comment on your posts when a DM is sent. Establish connections effortlessly, spark conversations, and boost your visibility like a pro. You can enable this in the Automations navigation menu.
  2. Next Post: Don't miss a comment by preparing the DM for your next posts in advance. With LinkDM's Next Post feature, you'll never miss a beat, ensuring that you can keep tabs on comments and direct messages without last-minute rushes.
  3. Story Auto-Reply: Keep your story viewers engaged and in the loop with automatic replies. Use a universal keyword like "Link" or "Amazon" that seamlessly guides them to your Amazon store profile, ensuring they stay informed and engaged with your brand. This feature will automatically apply the automation to all of your active stories or you can navigate to the Stories tab in LinkDM and manually link any active story with a keyword and compose the DM.
  4. Multi-Slide Magic: Increase your Amazon's profile traffic by showcasing related products alongside your main item using Multi-Slide when you send a DM. The more you present, the higher your chances of enticing viewers to explore your offerings further.
  5. Bonus: Collaborate for Reach: Supercharge your reach by teaming up with influencers or fellow creators. Collaborations can significantly expand your audience and give your brand the boost it needs during the Big Deal Days promotion.
  6. Bonus: Prepare Your Content: Avoid last-minute stress by meticulously planning and creating your content well in advance. Craft captivating captions and visuals that resonate with your audience, ensuring a seamless and successful Prime Day campaign.

Share this with your creator friends to make sure they are on top of their preparations.

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