June 27, 2023

New Feature: Comment Auto-Reply

LinkDM is excited to introduce the newest feature to our platform: "Comment Auto-Reply". This feature allows users to automatically respond to comments with a comment of their own, activated once a direct message has been successfully sent. This feature is apart of LinkDM's Pro tier, users can upgrade for $19USD per month.

Starting today, users can amplify their engagement strategy by leveraging this feature. "Comment Auto-Reply" lets you add and randomly rotate between up to 5 different comment replies. Furthermore, there's an option available to automatically apply this feature to all new posts. Just toggle this setting on, and LinkDM will take care of the rest.

The comment is only replied to once the DM has been successfully sent, ensuring a smooth and efficient communication flow.

Comment Auto-Reply Feature FAQs

How do I access the Comment Auto-Reply feature?
Log in to LinkDM and navigate to the Automations menu. From there you should see [Comment Auto-Reply] in the dropdown menu.

How much does it cost?
Comment Auto-Reply is apart of LinkDM Pro. This is a monthly subscription that can be canceled at any time.Β It comes with an increased DM send limit and additional Pro features.

Can I add this to previously linked posts?
Yes, Navigate to that post in LinkDM and click the (Linked) button, then in the settings tab you will see Comments Auto-Reply. You can tick this option to enable this feature on any post you want to auto-reply to comments with a comment.

How does the 'Comment Auto-Reply' feature work?
Comment Auto-Reply is designed to automatically respond to comments on your Instagram posts with a comment once the DM has been sent.

Can I set up multiple responses for 'Comment Auto-Reply'?
You can set up to five different responses for 'Comment Auto-Reply' in the feature settings. The platform will randomly select one for each comment reply.

How can I ensure 'Comment Auto-Reply' applies to all my new posts?
In the 'Comment Auto-Reply' feature settings, you can toggle an option that automatically applies this feature to all your new Instagram posts.

What does it mean that the comment is only posted after the DM has been successfully sent?
This means that the platform will first send your direct message, and once it confirms that the DM has been sent successfully, it will then post the auto-reply to the comment.

Is 'Comment Auto-Reply' approved by Instagram?
Yes, 'Comment Auto-Reply' is a feature of LinkDM, which is an Instagram-approved platform. LinkDM uses the official Instagram Messaging API to send the comments.

Does 'Comment Auto-Reply' interfere with other automatic responses I have set up?
No, 'Comment Auto-Reply' operates independently of other automatic responses you may have set up. It specifically handles comments on your Instagram posts and reels.

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