February 14, 2023

One Creator Sent 5k DMs in 1 month w/ 98% CTR!

The start of the year has been amazing for some creators who have been utilising the power of LinkDM's Instagram Messaging Software. It's always a great feeling to receive overwhelming support from your followers and audience, and that's exactly what one LinkDM user experienced recently. This user received over 5,000 comments on their Instagram giveaway post - a truly remarkable achievement by any standard!

Let's set the scene:

  • The creator was running a giveaway on Instagram
  • The creator had only just signed up to LinkDM less than 1 month ago
  • The creator has 89k Instagram followers
  • The giveaway post was published to organic followers only (no sponsored ads)
  • The post received 5,000 comments to enter the giveaway
  • 5,000 DMs were sent out in reply to the comments using LinkDM
  • 4,950 DMs were opened (99% Open rate)
  • 4,900 Links in the DM were clicked (98% Click-through rate)

By using LinkDM, this creator was able to automatically DM all 5,000 people that commented and send them the link to the giveaway. The high engagement rate is a testament to the effectiveness of LinkDM in reaching out to followers, increasing brand awareness, and promoting user engagement.

The user was able to achieve a staggering 99% open rate, which means that approximately 4,950 of the DMs sent were actually opened by the recipients. This shows the immense value that LinkDM provides by allowing creators to directly connect with their audience, leading to higher engagement rates, increased brand loyalty, and ultimately, more sales and conversions.

What's more, the CTR (Click-through rate) achieved by the creator was an impressive 98%, which translates to around 4,900 link clicks, This is well above the industry average of only 0.58%! This means that almost all of the individuals who received the DMs actually clicked on the entry link provided.

The LinkDM user spent less than 2 minutes setting up the messaging template in LinkDM's platform. Perhaps the most surprising aspect of this achievement is that the entire process cost the creator absolutely nothing! LinkDM is a completely free tool that creators can use to engage with their audience and grow their brand.

Overall, the success of this creator is a testament to the power of LinkDM and its ability to help creators connect with their audience, increase engagement, and ultimately grow their brand. It's no wonder why so many creators are turning to LinkDM as a crucial part of their social media strategy.

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