December 1, 2023

What's New in December

In December, We've Unwrapped Some Exciting Updates! Let's take a quick look at what's new.

Monthly DM Send Widget on Dashboard
When you log into LinkDM next time, you'll notice a new addition at the top of your dashboard - the Monthly DM Send Widget. This handy feature provides you with real-time updates on your current monthly send limit. It updates when you refresh the page, giving you complete visibility into your usage throughout the month.

Comment Auto-Reply Update
We've enhanced our Comment Auto-Reply feature. Now, when you use it, the reply comment will include the user's @username. This change, while subtle, adds uniqueness to every reply, which helps reduce the likelihood of your comments being flagged as spam. The best part? You don't need to change any settings; it's automatic.

Post Analytics Fixed
Your post analytics are back and better than ever! Now you can seamlessly track your post performance right from your dashboard, making it easier to analyze your content's impact.

Dashboard Speed Improved
We've been hard at work making your LinkDM experience even better. Over the next 2 weeks, you'll notice significant improvements in the dashboard's speed. Post analytics, in particular, should now load much faster, ensuring you get the insights you need in record time.

Timezone Support
Now, in your settings, you can conveniently set your timezone. This ensures that your analytics reset accurately at the end of each month, aligning with the DM count reset at midnight. No fuss, just smoother tracking.

We're committed to making LinkDM more efficient and user-friendly, and these updates are just the beginning. Stay tuned for more exciting enhancements in the future!

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