March 5, 2024

New Feature: Facebook Automations

We're excited to roll out Facebook Automations, a feature heavily requested by our community, now available in the LinkDM Pro tier. Facebook Automations are available via the Universal Auto-Reply feature, allowing you to enhance your social media efficiency by setting automatic DM responses to Facebook comments.

Important Steps for Existing Users:

To use this new feature, existing users must grant additional permissions. Please follow these steps:

  • Navigate to LinkDM > Settings > Click on Permissions
  • Scroll down to the 'Facebook page' section
  • Click [Grant Additional Permissions]
  • Follow the prompts in the popup and click [Continue / Save]
  • You should then see a green ✅ next to Facebook Page

Complete these steps to ensure the new Facebook Automations feature works seamlessly with your account.

How to Set Up Facebook Automations?

  1. Go to Universal Auto-Reply.
  2. Create a universal trigger and compose your message.
  3. Enter a unique keyword in the trigger sub-menu.
  4. Select 'Facebook' under the Platform sub-menu.
  5. If greyed out, grant additional permissions as described above.


Q: How do I set up Facebook Automations in LinkDM?

A: Configure a universal trigger, compose your DM, set a unique keyword in the Universal Auto-Reply section, and select 'Facebook' under Platform. Ensure you've granted necessary permissions if the option is greyed out.

Q: Why can't I integrate Facebook posts directly like Instagram?

A: Facebook post integration is currently exclusive to universal auto-replies due to platform limitations. Expansion depends on user demand and feature uptake.

Q: Can I set up an automation specifically for Facebook without affecting Instagram?
A: Yes, within the Platform sub-menu, you can select just 'Facebook' to apply automations exclusively to this platform.

Q: Why is a unique trigger required for each automation? Can't I use a common word like "Link" for all my Facebook posts?

A: A unique trigger is necessary to ensure accurate and specific responses; common or repeated triggers may lead to unintended replies. Consider using a naming convention like LINK1, LINK2, etc., to maintain clarity and effectiveness.

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