January 18, 2023

LinkDM for: Musicians

Musicians on Instagram have been using LinkDM to get more Spotify plays, YouTube views and ticket sales out of the organic Instagram engagement from their users. Below are a few examples of how some Musicians using LinkDM are benefiting.

Instagram Story Mentions
Musicians who receive many mentions in Instagram stories but lack the time to respond to all of them can use LinkDM to quickly acknowledge the user-generated content (UGC) with a simple reply such as "Thanks for the mention!" Additionally, LinkDM can be used to promote upcoming tour ticket sales, link to a Spotify playlist, or direct users to a YouTube channel. In the example above you can see the UGC is from a user at a recent festival where the artist has been tagged. The automatically sent message from the artist includes a link to their Spotify playlist and a link to the festivals merchandise website.
💡 Tip: Enable a 2-hour delay timer so the user gets the DM after they leave the event and not while they are there.

Instagram Story Replies
Instead of using link stickers in Instagram stories, encourage users to comment for more information. This way, you can send a message to the user that includes a carousel of up to 10 slides, each containing 3 call-to-action (CTA) buttons. In the example above you can see a message with more information about an upcoming tour and ways to subscribe for updates is provided. An added bonus is that the DM stays in the inbox, vs using Link Stickers where the story expires after 24hrs.

Instagram Feed Posts
Increase streams/plays when promoting a new release song on your news feed and automatically send a DM to anyone that comments with a link directly to your Spotify or Apple Music profile. In the example above the artist used a message template with 3 CTA buttons linking to 3 different streaming platforms.

Instagram Reels
By posting a short clip to Instagram Reels you can use LinkDM to connect people who comment directly to your YouTube account to see the full song/clip. In the example above an artist is promoting an upcoming tour in their auto sent message with a CTA to Buy Tickets.

Instagram Sponsored Posts
Create a custom audience of anyone who has watched your previous Reels then setup an Instagram Ads campaign to promote a range of merchandise, upcoming tour or link to your streaming platform. In the example above an artist is running and ad campaign targeting anyone who has watched their latest Reel with an upsell to purchase their latest merchandise offerings.

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