February 9, 2023

LinkDM for: Influencers

Influencers on Instagram have been using LinkDM's Instagram Automation Platform to get more Affiliate link clicks, YouTube views and Portfolio views out of their organic Instagram engagement. Below are a few examples of how some Influencers are using LinkDM.

Instagram Story Replies‍

Encourage users to comment on your active Instagram Stories with various emoji triggers to send a link of that specific product to the users Inbox. Influencers are starting to use this method over link stickers because the DM with the link stays in the users inbox even after the story has expired, where as link stickers disappear when the story has expired after 24 hours.

Instagram Feed Posts‍

We have seen Influencers using LinkDM to promote their affiliate links to get more sales from their organic reach. This works great and is a much better alternative to link-in-bio call outs because the DM sent with LinkDM is saved in the users Inbox, even if the user comments on the post months after it was made, where as with Link-in-bio solutions the link would have most likely been removed by that time.

Instagram Reels‍

We have seen Influencers using LinkDM with the classic Instagram Feed Post to promote their makeup/beauty haul YouTube videos. They usually post a photo or clip from BTS (Behind the scenes), and using LinkDM when someone comments they receive a link to the YouTube clip.

Instagram Sponsored Ads‍

Influencers are boosting their Instagram posts and content to receive more reach and followers. This is without a doubt the most popular (and exciting!) way we have see Influencers use LinkDM's Sponsored Ad Booster. Running a giveaway on Instagram has its challenges but with LinkDM there is a new method we have seen creators using and thats; Requiring the user to tag 3 friends in the comments to get the entry link. This method requires the user to comment to get the link, so it helps with the virility of the giveaway.
πŸ’‘TIP: When selecting @mentions to be the trigger, in settings there is an option that lets you specific exactly how many friends a user must tag in the comments in order to get the Inbox DM.

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