January 17, 2022

New Feature: Trigger Types

Automatically sending a DM to your Instagram followers is now even easier! There are 4 trigger types (3 new triggers!) you can choose from when tagging a post or story.

  1. All Comments
  2. Keywords
  3. Emoji's only
  4. Mentions only

All Comments 🆕

Anyone that comments on your post or active story is automatically sent a DM. This trigger type is selected by default when tagging a new post or story.

Trigger criteria: Any comment containing any text, emoji or @mention


Select a post or story and specify specific keywords that when detected in a users comment will trigger the DM to be sent.

Trigger criteria: Any of the specified keywords

Emoji's only 🆕

Great for encouraging fun user engagement. Popular with e-commerce brands using captions like "Comment the emoji that describes your mood today".

Trigger criteria: Any comment containing an emoji

Mentions only 🆕

Anyone that tags (@ mentions) a friend in your post is automatically sent a DM. This is popular with brands running a giveaway "Tag 2 friends to enter the competition", this increases organic content reach and user engagement.

Trigger criteria: Any comment that contains an @mention (or @ symbol)

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