July 11, 2023

Tips for Amazon Prime Day

Ready to boost your Amazon Prime Day affiliate revenue? Here are some tips that will help you increase your clicks and sends when using LinkDM to auto send DMs to your link request comments.

Tip #1 - Use 'Next Post' Wisely

Prepare and compose a compelling DM promoting your Prime Day deal that will be auto-linked to your next Instagram post or reel.

Tip #2 - Setup Comment Auto-Reply

Utilize the 'Comment Auto-Reply' feature to respond to any link request comments once the auto-DM has been sent. Bonus: Customise your comments to specifically mention 'Prime Day'

Tip #3 - Setup 'Story Auto-Reply'

Individually link each active story with a customised DM or reply to all story reactions with a generic message containing all your active Prime Day deal links!

Tips #4 - Setup Inbox Conversation Starters

Display up to 4 conversation starters when a user navigates to your Instagram Inbox. These links could be various Amazon Prime Day deals you are promoting or it could display a message with all your links to deals. The message can be up to 1000 characters long (approx 15-20 links)

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