January 26, 2024

New Feature: Universal Auto-Reply

LinkDM, the Instagram marketing platform known for its commitment to user convenience, announces the introduction of Universal Auto-Reply, a feature designed to simplify content planning and audience engagement on Instagram.

Universal Auto-Reply lets you schedule content in advance by setting unique keyword triggers for your posts. You can reuse popular content with ease, and there's no need to link posts. While post analytics still count towards the specific post, you can now track trigger-level analytics within the feature. It's all about efficient content planning, time-saving consistency, and streamlined content reuse. Universal Auto-Reply is available in the LinkDM Pro subscription.

  1. 📅 Content Planning: Plan and schedule your Instagram content ahead of time with the ability to set up unique keyword triggers for your scheduled posts.
  2. ⏰ Time-Saving: For posts with the same DM content, Universal Auto-Reply saves you time by allowing you to configure a single unique keyword that applies to all unlinked posts.
  3. 🔄 Repurpose: Reuse or republish your previously popular content confidently, as the triggers set in the original post will seamlessly apply to the republished content with matching triggers.

For Instagram marketers seeking a streamlined approach to audience engagement and content management, Universal Auto-Reply from LinkDM offers a convenient solution. Start making the most of your Instagram marketing with Universal Auto-Reply.

Trigger Suggestions

You are allowed to use any naming convention you want but we suggest you keep your Universal triggers organised by using naming conventions like:

  1. JAN1, JAN2, JAN3 etc..
  2. 301, 302, 302 etc..
  3. J1, J2, J3 etc...

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I set up keyword triggers in Universal Auto-Reply?

A: To create keyword triggers, simply access the Universal Auto-Reply feature, click "Add Trigger," and enter your desired keyword. Then, compose the automated response you want to send when someone comments with that keyword on your posts.

Q: Can I use the same keyword trigger for multiple posts?
Yes, you can use the same keyword trigger for multiple posts. This feature is particularly handy when you have consistent content that you want to apply to various posts.

Q: Do I need to link my posts to use Universal Auto-Reply?
No, you do not need to link your posts. Universal Auto-Reply allows you to apply keyword triggers without the need for post linking. However, you can link a post if you want to customize and compose a specific DM for that post.

Q: How do I track the performance of keyword triggers in Universal Auto-Reply?
You can monitor the performance of your keyword triggers by accessing the Universal Auto-Reply feature. There, you'll find analytics for each trigger, helping you understand how they're engaging with your audience.

Q: Can I use Universal Auto-Reply on posts that are already linked?
A: No, Universal Auto-Reply keyword triggers will not work on posts that are already linked. The feature checks for post linking before applying triggers. If a post is linked, it won't use the Universal Auto-Reply keyword triggers.

Q: How can I access the Universal Auto-Reply feature?
Universal Auto-Reply is included in the LinkDM Pro subscription. To utilize this convenient feature, upgrade to LinkDM Pro to unlock its capabilities and streamline your DM automation.

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